siliconindia | | JULY 20174What is it like to give wings to an entire generation of youngsters to create a new nation of wealth and prosperity? There are people who merely influence these young minds, but fail to put them on their feet; and then there are entrepreneurs whose journey from nowhere to success is not just inspirational, but pulls them to action mode. While most people suggest reading success stories, I believe that it is more important to know about their struggle, their failures and their journey to success that will inspire generations to come. With the recent Indian government taking several initiatives to boost entrepreneurship in India, an entire new breed of young minds have jumped into the field to turn their dreams into reality. It is surprising to see that most of them are turning as social entrepreneurs who are increasingly working on benefitting the underprivileged or the underserved regions of the nation and globally as well. But then, most of them search for inspiration abroad, as the Indian tales have remained untold and unspoken till date. When we at siliconindia realised that the nation is full of inspiring tales of entrepreneurial successes, and failures lying still under wraps, and the industry lacks a platform to bring them to front, we decided to uncover such stories through our `50 Most Promising Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2017' edition to let them inspire millions of minds. Just like our previous editions, this year too, we bring to you the tale of their dream, their struggle, their challenge, their sleepless nights and days, those tough moments to choose between luxury/leisure and work, and their family support to their personal aspect beyond an entrepreneur with the firm believe that it will turn more young minds to follow their adrenaline rush and not settle with the old school traditional ways of earning their living. We also hope that the stories will inspire even parents to believe in their kids dream and help them to work on it. Read the story and let us know what you think!Anamika SahuManaging Editoreditor@siliconindia.comEditorialInspiring Generations to Come siliconindia Vol 05 · Issue 12 - 2 · July 4, 2017 Publisher Alok Chaturvedi Editor-in-Chief Pradeep Shankar Managing Editor Anamika Sahu Editorial Team Adil Abdul Kareem E Ananth .V Shefali Mathur Sujith Vasudevan Susila Govindaraju Trisha Pragya Nelson Devasia VP - Sales & Marketing Virupakshi Pattar Advertising Managers Editorial queries To subscribe Visit or send email to Cover price is Rs.150 per issue. Printed and Published By Alok Chaturvedi on behalf of Siliconmedia Technologies Pvt Ltd and Printed at Precision Fototype Services at Sri Sabari Shopping Complex, 24 Residency Road Bangalore-560025 and Published At No. 124, 2nd Floor, Surya Chambers, Old Airport Road, Murigheshpalya, Bangalore-560017. Editor Alok ChaturvediCopyright © 2017 SiliconMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd, All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part of any text, photography or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the magazine and accordingly, no liability is assumed by the publisher.advertise@siliconindia.comSr. Visualiser MaitreyeeVisualiser S Sivasankar Sheethal MS Group Art DirectorAshok KumarDelhi NCRAshu SethiCirculation Manager Magendran PerumalPradeep Kumar Dalai Abhishek Mohapatra
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