siliconindia | | July 20178By Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director, LyncBiz Corporation"If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your com-petitors do not, you're putting yourself out of busi-ness" - Lee Kuan Yew.Since the time outsourcing has emerged, it has delivered numerous benefits to all sizes of companies globally. India has emerged as one of the prominent markets for outsourc-ing. It has even generated a new industry of companies to pro-vide all the required talent.Deloitte's 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey talks about cost, enabling core business functions and solving capacity issues as the primary drivers to outsource. The traditional areas of out-sourcing have been in legal, tax, real estate, manufacturing and information technology; but now, a vast majori-ty of companies are looking at functions like HR, sales and marketing to outsource as well. The same survey talks about an increase of more than 32 percent by companies in HR outsourcing.Outsourcing the HR function to an expert gives more time to the owner - manager to fo-cus on the core business and other strategies. Startups also gain from these experts as they have multiple industry exposure and can bring in best practices and customise it according to the needs of the company. There are manda-tory compliance processes in HR which, if not setup at an early stage can create signif-icant challenges going forward. Outsourc-ing allows companies to benefit from ex-pertise of people who have experience SALES & HR OUTSOURCING TRENDS IN INDIALyncBiz is a specialized global sales management consulting firm. They help products and services companies to engage, enable and execute their sales strategies for faster time to market and growth.IN MY OPINIONSandeep Mathur
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